4 Tips For Putting Together An Outfit Quickly

Sometimes your alarm goes off, and you realize you’ve been pressing snooze for hours and only have a few minutes to get ready.  Whether you’re going to work or have another occasion to go to, ideally you’d like to look your best. You never know who you can run into.  And while appearances aren’t everything, they can affect your mood and how you feel about yourself for the day.

You’re best off trying to pull something together which shows off your personality while still flattering your shape.  If you’re ready to know how to put together an outfit in a minimal amount of time, then take a look at some of these basic tips which will guide you through putting together an impressive outfit in a pinch.

It’s All About The Shoes

A lot of people get it all wrong when it comes to shoes.  You can have a perfectly great outfit put together, but if you pair it with the wrong shoes, you’re doomed.  It’s essential to choose a pair of shoes that tie your look together.

Grabbing a pair of old gym shoes with a gown isn’t going to cut it, and neither is a pair of jeans with socks and sandals.  Always choose a pair of shoes knowing that they’re going to be seen. You’re not hiding what’s on your feet from anyone, buddy.

Use a Belt

If you’re wearing something baggy, sometimes you can get away with it still flattering your form.  However, in many cases, it comes across looking sloppy. Instead, try incorporating a belt into the look which will give things a cohesive look.

Pairing a high-quality belt over a loose shirt or dress will give your look maximum punch.  Instead of choosing a cheap belt, go for quality. You may think it’s only a small detail, but a nice belt can completely transform the energy of your outfit.

Wear What Makes You Feel Happy!

Do you love bright colors? Go on and wear that bright colored jacket!  Do you enjoy mixing prints?  Why not do it if it makes you feel good! Your outfit has the capability of changing your whole day.  It’s not about how others expect you to look, but how you feel about your own look.

Why take your clothing too seriously all the time if you don’t have to.  Express yourself creatively; it’s not against the law!

Wear Fun Accessories

Sometimes all your look is missing is a fun accessory.  Put on a playful hat, throw on that chunky necklace, or wear that big blingy ring.

The idea is to stand out, so take your box of accessories out and play around with different ideas until you see something you like.