4 Essentials to Get More Out of Your Wardrobe



Having a versatile wardrobe helps you look great day after day without spending all your time shopping. With the base of well-fitting, simply styled pants, shirts, and dresses, you can create stylish outfits year-round with the addition of a few key accessories. Here are four essentials to get more out of your wardrobe.

On-Trend Jewelry

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Layering on-trend jewelry with your base wardrobe can upgrade your look from simple to dazzling. While it’s always great to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless, such as a pair of diamond earrings or a gold necklace, pick up less-expensive statement pieces to spice up your wardrobe. Look for colorful, stand-out jewelry that draws attention to your ears, collarbone, and wrists. Do not forget your fingers in the process of beautifying yourself–they are the most overlooked part of the body. Be on the lookout for buying some trendy finger rings that can turn you into a fashionista. Maybe, you can try out a pearl and brass two-finger ring from Sticks & Stones Jewelry. Or you can go for something like Lignum vitae wood with a sterling silver ring. Choose something that can set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Bold Scarves

Like on-trend jewelry, scarves are a pop of color and elegance for any outfit. Scarves aren’t just for winter (though they are great for that season, too).

Look for scarves that are light, colorful, and soft. If there’s one place to go crazy with your patterns, do it in a scarf. Styles include the infinity scarf (which is sewn in an endless loop for easy wear), square, traditional, and extra-long. There are almost as many ways to tie and wear a scarf as there are patterns you can find, so take a little time to experiment and determine which way looks best on you.

Versatile Boots

If you want to breathe life into an outfit, pull on a pair of boots. Western boots have never gone out of style and recently reemerged on the fashion runway. One of the most popular Western boot styles, the cowboy boot, can take a dress, skinny jeans, or high-waisted shorts to the next level. Not looking for something so flashy? A versatile pair of Chippewa boots has a classic style that will make a statement no matter where you are.

Statement Handbag

Handbags not only carry your wallet and cell phone from location to location, they can help to elevate an outfit. Handbags run the gamut from classic to high-fashion, and it will behoove you to have a small selection to choose from.

On the classic end of the spectrum, a large leather purse is perfect for running back and forth to the office with your laptop, as well as the book you read on the subway. For a night out on the town, pick an elegant handbag that will complement your outfit but not get in the way. Handbags can also be adorned with embellishments and have bold colors and patterns. Even the simplest wardrobe choice will shine with the right handbag by your side.

Getting the most out of your existing wardrobe is as simple as having a few key accessories that complement and elevate your outfit. By incorporating jewelry, scarves, a handbag, and a perfect pair of boots, you can spice up your style without spending all your time shopping.

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