4 Basic Tips For Starting Your Own Band

If you have a passion for music and want to take it to the next level, you may have considered starting a band.  Unlike playing alone, a band provides a group environment which is much more fun.

You may worry that you’re not good enough, but it’s not a reason to hold yourself back.  By finding musicians who have the same level of experience, you can grow together.  

Don’t worry about everything all at once.  The idea is to enjoy playing music together because you all love music.  Not because you’re already focused on playing the Superbowl. Take it step by step and maybe you’ll eventually get there.  Here are the basics you’ll need to get your band off the ground.

Find Inspiration

Try to decide what kind of sound you want to have.  Who are your favorite bands and why do you like them?  Every piece of art is inspired by something. Find inspiration and motivation from bands you listen to.

You may want to start going to more local shows to network.  Study up on what works and doesn’t work. Do the bands you’re seeing have sold out shows?  Try to identify why and learn from their successes.

Gathering knowledge and inspiration from bands you admire can be an incredibly valuable method for ensuring your own success.

Do Your Homework on The Industry

If you’re hoping to make it big, then do your homework on how it works.  You should do some research on how contracts work and what kind of terminology they have.

Study up on the best venues in your area and what kind of bands are playing there.  Getting to know the scene can help you understand how it works better.

Go regularly and get to know the regulars and staff members.  


Often the biggest bands made it big because of who they knew, not because of their talents.  Get out there and learn who the important people in the scene are. Never underestimate the power of rubbing shoulders with important people.

Some people may call it schmoozing, but in reality, you’re networking.  There’s nothing wrong with playing smart and getting your foot in the door by association.

Learn Some Basic Marketing Skills

Unless you’re already famous, people aren’t going to show up at your shows out of luck.  The only way to get a full audience is to connect with your audience. Send out emails, post flyers, and get the word out.

Develop a social media presence and stay active.  Interact with your fans and make them feel valued.  Stay up to date with posting the latest news, photos, and any upcoming shows.  Over time your hard work will pay off!