3 reasons to choose organic cotton printed t-shirts

More and more brands are moving towards the use of eco-friendly clothing as customers demand clothing that is both stylish and sustainable.

Cotton is one of the world’s largest crops, and organic cotton is grown and manufactured without using chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers making it a better crop for the environment overall.

When looking to purchase printed t-shirts, there are a few reasons you should opt for organic cotton. Take a look at the reasons below.

1. Good for the planet

Organic cotton is grown using a lot of water and other natural materials, such as manure. This means that no chemical pesticides or other products are used when producing organic cotton, which means that the surrounding land and ecosystems are protected.

As well as protecting the surrounding land, organic cotton production stops toxic chemicals from being released into water or into the air as pollution.

2. Good for humans

As well as being good for the land, organic cotton production is also better for the farm workers who often suffer as a result of handling toxic-ridden cotton during the picking or processing of the plant.

In terms of its benefits once it gets used for fabric, organic cotton is hypoallergenic which makes it a much better option for being kind to skin! Organic cotton is also softer and lasts longer than non-organic cotton or other fibres such as bamboo because the way it is handpicked means that the quality of the fibre is protected.

3. Perfect for bespoke printing

There is no doubt that organic cotton printed t-shirts are one of the best options when looking for printed t-shirts.

Cotton is a fabric that is soft, durable and stands the test of time well which makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a quality product.

Plus, organic cotton takes on printing really well with the end product being one that is both vibrant in colour and high-quality. Make sure you look for a manufacturer who uses GOTs certified cotton when making printed organic cotton t-shirts.