3 Different Ways You Get Your Dream Instrument

When you are learning a new instrument for the first time, there is always a possibility that you will not see it through until the end. Each instrument requires different skills which include hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, or lung capacity. There are times when personal hard work can overcome the initial gap between those who have a natural gift, and those who don’t. There are also times when people find other instruments as better fits.

When you first learn a new instrument, you do not want to be limited to what is easily available such as a guitar or piano. There are other ways you can source your instrument.

Buy it brand-new 

The first way is to buy it brand new. You can go to the nearest music instrument store which generally has a selection of everything, or you can go to a speciality store that only deals with one type or family of instruments. Different brands and models cater to different budgets.

The benefit of buying it brand new is that you are committing to seeing it through. People develop an attachment to things they own, and this can be a good motivator when you are in your slumps. Buying it first also makes it easier to sell when you want to upgrade. There is always a market for second-hand instruments, and with pricier items like the saxophone, you could sell it without losing too much money.

Buy a second-hand model 

The second way is to buy a second-hand unit. Buying your instrument second hand is significantly cheaper, especially for large instruments. There are places like Dawkes Musical Instruments that buy, sell, and repair brass instruments.

The benefit of buying a second-hand model is that you can switch instruments if you feel like you do not fit with the instrument. For some people, the lung capacity needed to play brass instruments is too much of a hurdle. That could lead you to other instruments that may highlight your personal, and possibly untapped, strength. You could sell the second-hand one afterwards, but it might not sell as well as the brand new unit. You could also gift it to extended family or donate it to a local charity without feeling too attached.

Rent it for a period 

The cheapest alternative for those who want to try without commitment is to rent your instrument. If you decide to pursue it, you can pay the difference and own it. If you feel like you do not want to continue, you can return it after the assigned period. If you feel like you are still considering it, you can extend your contract. The rental scheme depends on the company, but it is typically flexible.

With these options, there is no reason for you to be afraid to learn a new instrument. There are no age restrictions. It solely depends on the amount of effort and commitment you put into learning that makes a difference.


Image: Pixabay.com

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