3 Biggest Myths About Turning 40

The idea of aging can be a lot for a woman to take in considering all of the myths that are attached to it.  There are all sorts of ideas about what happens to you as you get older.  Before you know it you start to see the approaching age of 40 as a black hole just waiting to swallow you up.

It doesn’t have to be something that you dread, however.  Turning 40 can be something that you actually look forward to.  Some people are even starting to say that 40 is the new 30.  Don’t believe it yet?  Here are some of the biggest myths about turning 40, and why they are absolutely not true at all.

You Won’t Have Fun Anymore

There are all sorts of things that women put pressure on themselves to do by the time they turn 40.  Plan a wedding, buy a house, have a kid, and reach all of your career goals.  It’s a misconception that you’re supposed to have all of your fun in your 20’s and 30’s, then settle down in your 40’s after achieving your checklist.

However, you never stop having fun until you decide it’s time to stop having fun.  Try to remember that you are only as old as you feel.  There are plenty of people over 40 who not only still have fun, but they managed to have the wedding and the kids too.  Just because you settle down and have commitment doesn’t mean you don’t have the right for leisure.

You’ll Be Out Of Shape

Some young women believe that getting older means that they won’t have control over their physique anymore.  However, there are plenty of women over 40 out there, and even over 50 that prove that you can have a great body as long as you put in the work.

While it’s true that your metabolism can change and that gravity can start to take over in certain areas that you didn’t anticipate, you can still maintain muscle and lean body mass by eating right and exercising.  A great body can be achieved at any age with the right execution.

If You’re Single You’ll Be Single Forever

People seem to be horrified that if they find themselves single at the age of 40 that this is a sign that it’s over for them and they’ll never find their person.  However, there is no age attached to finding the person that’s right for you.

You won’t get anywhere with that sort of attitude.  Stay positive, and consider that maybe you haven’t met the right person for you yet because you’re that amazing that it will take a very special person to be your match.

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