May 2018

Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

Four Smart Ways to Save Money

What is canvas and what is it used for?

How to get the most out of a private education

What to Look for in a Jute Bag


4 Ways To Improve Low Self-Esteem

Feeling like you’re never good enough is, unfortunately, a symptom of today’s culture.  There is so much pressure to look a certain way, have bigger …

5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

It’s natural for humans to have moods that fluctuate.  From time to time we may be feeling a little blue or even angry.  Although it’s …

Striking Design: The Advantage of Pearls as Jewellery

When it comes to choosing the best kind of jewellery, the choices are numerous to the point of being somewhat overwhelming. After all, every precious …

Gel Nail Polish: Long-lasting manicures that won’t damage your nails

Women make style and fashion choices to please themselves and boost confidence. One practice that has no direct correlation with an attraction to men is …

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