5 Things to Do Before You Bring a Dog Home

Dogs are probably the world’s favorite type of pet, and it’s not surprising considering how loyal and loving they can be. They can be great fun to have around the house and make wonderful companions when you’re feeling lonely and need a friend. It’s for all these reasons and more why people choose to make a dog a permanent addition to their families. While this can be one of the best decisions you have ever made, it’s also important to make sure you’re prepared to welcome your new best friend into your home. Here are a few things you will need to do in preparation.

1.   Talk to Your Kids

If you do have children at home, they will probably be delighted to hear that they are going to get a dog. However, it’s important to make sure they understand how to behave around your new pet to avoid any unfortunate incidents that could harm both your children and your new dog. Although dogs are playful, if they do begin to feel aggravated there is a good chance that they might lash out to make their feelings known. Teach your children when enough is enough, and how they can be respectful of their new dog’s boundaries so they can all stay happy and safe.

2.   Research Dog Training

This is a particularly important thing to do if you’re bringing home a puppy rather than an adult dog. It will be your responsibility to teach them how to live properly in your household, so you must set boundaries as well as learn a few tricks on how to discipline your puppy properly and safely. If you’re struggling to do this yourself, consider hiring a professional dog trainer to help.

3.   Find a Vet

If you want to make sure your dog stays fit and healthy, finding a good vet is essential. Things to look out for when searching for a vet clinic to register with include cleanliness, location, what treatments they offer, and what is covered by insurance, as well as their prices. Vets can be expensive, so if you’re concerned over the cost of potential vet bills, look for more affordable clinics like easyvet.com so you can feel at ease about your finances.

4.   Get Accessories and Food

To make sure your dog is happy and comfortable at home, get them plenty of toys to play with and keep them entertained. You should also look at purchasing them a dog bed for when they need to sleep, as well as getting a lead, collar, and shampoos to help keep them clean (especially after a muddy walk!). Make sure you have also stocked up on plenty of quality dog food so you have something for them to eat when they arrive.

5.   Dog-proof Your House

Finally, make sure that your living environment is safe for them to be in. Get rid of any clutter that they might chew on or swallow that could make them ill. Keep all dangerous chemicals locked away somewhere they can’t reach, and if you want to keep them out of certain areas of the house, look at getting child-gates to put in the doorways or at the bottom of the stairs.

Bringing a dog home is such an exciting experience, just make sure you’re ready for them by completing these five steps before they arrive.

How You Can Properly and Efficiently Get Rid of Junk in Your Office and Business Premises

Evolving and highly-dynamic technology have brought about a lot of changes to the modern workplace, and today’s businesses are benefiting from technology that has never been seen before. But with all these changes come adaptations in the equipment we use as well. If you want your business to stay relevant, you have to invest in the latest tools and equipment – from high-end computers to fast printers and even ergonomic office furniture. And while this will make your office a lot more productive, it also means that you may have to deal with office junk – equipment and furniture you no longer need –  that has to be disposed of. So how can you properly and efficiently get rid of junk in your office and business premises? There’s a good and proper way to do it, so here’s your guide.

Train your staff on the proper disposal of various items

While most of us will already be aware that we can’t just throw an old computer or laptop in the landfill, not many of us know that there is a specific way to throw out other items such as ink cartridges. You should train your staff on the proper disposal of various items, such as the above-mentioned ink cartridges and light bulbs. Ink cartridges, for example, may be recycled, and you can’t just toss them away if they leak because this isn’t a good way to preserve the environment. Light bulbs should be separated from standard trash, too. Find out how to do proper disposal for various items – and you can also seek help from a junk removal service so they can do the job for you.

Know what to do with old office furniture and electronic appliances

If you have been in business for more than a few years, then you probably have a lot of old office furniture and electronic appliances. And while you can rely on one of your staff to haul them away, this could be troublesome since they may have to hire a truck, load the items, and look for the proper disposal site or landfill. They also have to know that electronics have to be kept separate from furniture. Other items, like DVD players, television sets, cell phones, and VCRs should be taken to particular facilities, too. The thing with all this stuff is that you can do away with the hassle of sorting through it, loading, transporting, and unloading and dumping it if you enlist the services of a junk removal firm. Junk removal firms like Evergreen Junk Removal Service know exactly how to dispose of office furniture and electronic appliances, and not only this, they can find a way to repurpose, refurbish, and recycle them as well.

Get some help from the experts

As already mentioned, you could definitely get help from the experts when it comes to office junk. But don’t just choose the first junk removal company you come across – do some research and make sure they have an eco-friendly service, and look at their experience and other services. The good ones will usually offer other services, such as construction waste pickup, hoarding cleanouts, and even pool demolition services, and this shows that they are real experts at what they do.

Is it possible to change your life for the better? What are the ways of doing it?

Failures in relationships with men, health problems, troubles at work, misunderstandings with loved ones….. Is it possible to change your life and stop the chapter of accidents? What should you do if things are not going the way you want them to? In this article, Zhannabelle tells how you can change your destiny and make the universe reward you with true happiness.

Our life is closely connected with the laws of karma, which is formed by our actions. When we do good deeds, our karma is light and positive. But when we do bad deeds, it gets polluted and becomes negative. Karma can also be transferred from our lineage for the life mistakes or good deeds of our ancestors. Whatever our karma is, it influences the development of our life directly.

Did you know that negative karma is surrounded by a halo of negative energy, which attracts the entities that bring a black stripe into our lives? In shamanism, they are called evil spirits. They feed on our negative energy. And the more often a woman experiences such emotions (offence, anger, and hurt) or does bad things, the more unfavorable things happen in her life. Illnesses, conflicts, poverty, and loneliness will haunt those of us who constantly translate their negativity.
Spirits are like fish: the more you feed them, the more they come around.
But the positive karma attracts good (light) spirits. It gives its owner happiness, good luck, and sound health. Her life is filled with positive things. People call her “A holiday woman”. Other people feel easy and comfortable next to her. They are charged with good emotions. And they, in turn, want to do good and give joy.

How to spoil karma quickly? 

Zhannabelle says that karma is usually contaminated by our evil deeds. For example, you lied to someone, allowed yourself to get very angry, or yell at someone you were talking to. Or even worse, you betrayed someone, raised your hand to someone, or stole something.
The purity of our karma, however, not always depends only on our actions and thoughts. The situation often becomes worse when we refuse to help others or show indifference. For example, you ran into an old woman with big bags in her hands in a store, but you decided to pretend that you hadn’t noticed her and passed by, even without holding the door for her. Well, don’t be surprised why all your day failed, and you had a headache in the evening too! 

We have this ability to feel the energy of the company we are in. That’s why being among negatively charged people can also affect a person’s karma. If you find yourself in such a company and stay among such people for a while, you won’t even notice how you start to succumb to the negative impact of those around you. But you can resist everything. This is what Zhannabelle teaches at her seminars.

Come and you will have a strong immunity to any existing negativity after a few sessions. Despite your environment, you will be able to avoid it, while giving kindness and joy to others.

Elizabeth, Riga 

“I dreamed of becoming a designer since high school, and I finally got into the world of gloss after studying. Already on the first working day, I realized that it would be difficult. The team had a bad reputation, there was an unhealthy atmosphere, continuous negativity: some were always instigating each other, others were setting up and gossiping. The fact that under such influence I myself became nervous and did not adopt the same manner of communication, I considered my little victory. It is thanks to Zhannabelle. At her seminars, she taught me how to resist it, and I have developed a strong immunity to negative energy. But it was very difficult to work in such an atmosphere, so I decided to fix the situation at work.
And I took action. One day, I brought a cake and offered everybody to have tea together in observance of my new work. Another time, I treated everybody to a delicious cookie. I also made it a rule to praise my colleagues, thanked them for any service, and offered my help, thus becoming an example to others. In the beginning, everyone perceived my behavior with distrust and caution, but I was confidently heading towards my goal. In small steps, I instilled a respect for each other, mutual help, gratitude, and humanity. And so there was progress. People seemed to become kinder—first to me, then to each other. They shared compliments, stopped blaming each other and shifting their responsibilities.

One day, on Zhannabelle’s advice, I suggested to the management that they take part in a charity event for orphaned children – make New Year presents for the little ones. I told my boss that this way we would improve the magazine’s image and rating. Of course, he supported my idea and even gave me money for this.  Taking part in this wonderful campaign, all employees put on T-shirts with the company’s logo and went to the local orphanage. I did not expect how much joy our toys and sweets would bring to the children! But we experienced more emotions ourselves: we all laughed and cried while talking and playing with the children. There are so many people in trouble… It was our common victory, we were happy about our success and very proud of ourselves. It united our team. My colleagues forgot their old grudges, everyone began to communicate as close friends. The gossip and empty conflicts were gone. The negative atmosphere in the office was replaced by a cozy atmosphere I wanted to work in every day. The company’s business went up. Charity is now one of our leading activities. And some of our colleagues got very imbued with it that they themselves showed initiative by helping those in need in hospitals and nursing homes.

Why is it important to work on your karma?

If a person has bad karma and does nothing with it, then their troubles will become worse over time. They will be angry all the time, their self-esteem will begin to fall rapidly, and their health will gradually fade. Nobody will want to communicate with such a poor person, not to mention with them. After all, their talks and actions are always full of negativity, complaints, and lamentations about bad life. But the worst thing is that their family will suffer, and a bad life scenario can be passed on to their children and grandchildren.

However, if at some point we suddenly decide to change, start doing good deeds, then everything gradually gets better. Good luck, wealth, health, and love come to us. We feel that life is beautiful and that we should make it even better. We desire to change this world, and together with it, to change ourselves.
Doing good to others, you will start to notice that the universe seems to bless you and help you in all your endeavors. You will understand what the real inner beauty is and you will subconsciously attract only beautiful people into your life.

How to do good deeds? Where to start? 

Changing your fate for the better and attracting happiness, wealth, love and good luck therein is within the power of absolutely each of us. To do this, follow three important tips.
● Start giving your smile to people around you, supporting your loved ones, being friendly and responsive. When you radiate love and kindness, the world around you responds to the same. 
●Another important rule is to be lavish of pleasant words and make compliments every day to the people you know and those you don’t know. Praise your neighbor for the beautiful lawn that you used to silently admire, wish a good day to the cashier in the store, and compliment your colleague for her new stylish jacket.
● Do good deeds. There is a universal law: something you give with a pure soul returns to you tenfold. It is your love and care that matter, and not the money. For example, a person made a small donation to the animal shelter, and he believes that by doing so he cleansed his karma, paying off the evil deeds he had done. But this is wrong; the law works differently. Only by investing your soul and having real feelings can you really do good. It’s better to come to the same shelter and hand-feed the poor kitten, adopt it, or take custody of the kitten. Believe us, you will experience completely different emotions!
Zhannabelle has devoted her whole life to charity. She often gives money gained from classes and seminars to charity organizations in different countries. Her students often address us in their letters when someone in their city really needs help but they have no money to help. And then Zhannabelle gives the money to support the poor.

Unfortunately, we have no opportunity to take care of and help all those in need by knocking on every door. So we call on you, dear women, to join us. Do good deeds, even if you do not have the financial capacity. You can help by spending very little time and money—just express your care. Believe us, any help made from the heart will be accepted with great gratitude and will return to you in the form of kindness. You can at least help those around you who need it every day. For example, after work, go to the store, buy some sausage, and feed the stray dog, Archie, at the entrance to your house. You can also visit a friend when they are sick, bring them some fruit, and cheer them up with your smile!

You attract positive events and emotions into your life by acting kindly and sincerely. You can give happiness to other people and share your energy. And, seeing their joy, you become happy. This is how you cleanse your karma and change your fate for the better.
One of our students, Kate from the Czech Republic, has suffered from joint disease all her life. And 10 years ago, she lost her loved ones because of the fire, and she remained completely alone. But just after the first seminar, she decided to start her life with a clean sheet. Thanks to Zhannabelle, the woman found herself in charity; she saved the poor homeless with warm clothes and rationing. Coming home, she felt a burst of energy after every good deed. Kate found a lot of like-minded people and made friends. Six months later, her long-lasting illness finally left.
Look around you and you will see that some do not ask for help but really need it. Help those in need, and you will see how things will start to get better in your own life. Do not pass by, do not be indifferent. It is better to take the opportunity to change the world around you and to become better yourself.

It is often difficult for us to face difficulties on our own, and it is so important to be in a circle of understanding people. Zhannabelle’s diagnostics and special practices will help you correct your karma. Visit our seminars too. They create the Field of Love, Understanding, and Friendship, where everyone will feel free and safe. There is an accumulation of a lot of positive energy in our classes, and there is an incredible atmosphere of good and positivity. Zhannabelle cultivates positive emotions, conducts various practices and rituals. The mentor is always in an excellent mood. Even just to be near her, in the same field with her, is already being under the protection of light spirits.
Become a part of the Field of Love at our trainings and retreats!

What size teak garden table should I buy?

When you are buying some new furniture for your garden you will want to make sure that it looks the part but also fits nicely in the garden. When you are buying teak garden furniture this is very important as you are making a big investment in a premium product.

When creating a seating area in your garden you will also want to add a table for meals and drinks; teak can make a great timber for this as not only does it look good but it is also very durable. In today’s blog, we take a look at what size teak garden table you should buy and where you should put it.

  1. Side tables are great for smaller gardens

If you live in a smaller house with a more modest garden you will want to get teak furniture that is both quality, whilst also letting you make the most of your space. Teak side tables are good as they give you and your guests somewhere to put their drinks when having a party without taking too much room. These types of teak garden tables are also good for positioning towards the edge of the garden, giving you plenty more room for other items.

  1. Large teak tables are perfect for large patios

Teak tables come in a wide variety of different sizes including full large dining sets. These can make the perfect statement piece of the garden and are the best size table to get if you have a large patio that can be taken advantage of. If you do buy a larger table make sure you get the best corresponding teak garden chairs to complete the overall set.

  1. Teak coffee tables can work well for conservatories

Teak coffee tables whilst not specifically an outdoor item can work very well for conservatories; particularly if you have a hybrid conservatory that lets you take advantage of both the outside and inside. They are handy and can give you a place to put items such as nibbles and drinks.

In addition to their use inside during the warmer months, they can also be used more outside without too big a risk of them becoming overly damaged by the weather. This is another reason why they are very popular in homes with both generous gardens and large conservatories.

Make sure you have the space for the best possible teak garden table

There are plenty of different types of teak garden furniture that you can look into buying and whilst they all come at different price points they also all offer different benefits to your garden. Hopefully, we have provided you with a bit more information on how you can determine which size teak garden table is best for your needs. No matter what item you purchase make sure that you buy the best quality products made from the most durable timber; this will stop you from having to buy replacements in the too near future.

4 reasons to go for a serviced apartment over a hotel room

The wonderful world of staycations may have been put on hold for the moment but with hopes high for the new year many will be hoping that their holidays are not put on hold and that they have ample opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

For many looking at places to stay both at home and abroad, serviced apartments may offer an attractive opportunity not only due to their practicality and price but also their locations. Serviced apartments can be found in many of the most popular tourist destinations around Europe and this is great news if you are looking to book one for your next getaway. In today’s blog, we take a look at 4 of the main reasons why you should book a serviced apartment over a hotel.

  1. Accommodation for large groups

If you are staying in a larger group then serviced apartments offer a great solution for your accommodation issue. Whilst staying in hotels can be difficult in larger groups, serviced apartments with plenty of rooms are built to cater to a lot of people. Additionally, if you are travelling with a larger group the price will usually work out cheaper if you are all staying in a serviced apartment.

2. Increased privacy

Whilst you have to share a hotel with a lot of different guests serviced apartments offer you the privacy of essentially staying in your own property. The fact that you have a fully furnished kitchen will also give you the flexibility to both dine-in and out when it suits you.

3. Greater variety of location and accommodation

In addition to the greater privacy offered by serviced apartments, the increased variety in terms of location and accommodation type is also a great reason to pick them over a hotel. You can find serviced apartments of all shapes and sizes with different rooms and furnishings. This will help you find the perfect apartment in the perfect location for your stay.

  1. Serviced apartments are perfect for longer stays

If you are going for a longer holiday (2+ weeks) then serviced apartments are a much better option than a hotel. The increased space on offer is perfect if you want to unwind over a longer period of time. Also, the inclusion of amenities and kitchen fittings will give you everything you need to cater for yourself on longer stays. Serviced apartments are also much cheaper than hotels for longer stays.

Book a well-reviewed serviced apartment for your next stay

When you are browsing serviced apartments it is easy to get overwhelmed by the large variety of providers on the market. Whilst it is easy to get swayed by the price and location, we recommend diving into the reviews to get a better idea of how good the place you are staying actually is. This will increase the chances of you getting the perfect accommodation for your getaway both at home and away.

The world needs you – Shakuntali Siberia calls on the people around the world.

Everybody is affected by COVID-19 by now. Those who became ill, those who are fighting for others’ lives, those people who lost their jobs, those who are limited by the strong quarantine measures. Those who fell into despair after a new wave of the coronavirus has arrived. But this article is not about how bad things are. This is about how much we can do in this situation as every human being on this Earth now needs help. Shakuntali Siberia encourages you to help our world to recover.

Who is Shakuntali Siberia?

Shakuntali Siberia is the Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is a temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. The main goal of Shakuntali Siberia’s life is to help people to become more happy and healthy. It is natural that in such a difficult period as we are having now, Shakuntali Siberia tries to do her best to help people in all senses.

Your helping hand is needed.

Even if you are currently locked at home under quarantine, it does not mean you cannot extend your helping hand and get the support too.
This is the very time now to join Shakuntali Siberia’s spiritual family “Field of Love” and thus help others and yourself. As one of the steps to the world’s full recovery, Shakuntali Siberia and “Field of Love” are ready to help financially those who are eager to share their skills with the others who need support now.
What you can concretely do to help:
Translating and writing down different kinds of information, such as contact data;
Transcribing and translating videos into different languages;
Administering forums;
Working with short texts in English, German, French on YouTube
Copywriting and rewriting articles in English, German, French and Spanish;
Searching for the necessary information on freelance job websites;
Video editing.
offer your other skills and talents to help our project.
You can support others, give hope to yourself and – most important – become a part of something great as the mission of “Field of Love” is really astonishing. We unite people all around the world, we give them strength and hope.

New life is coming

We have mentioned the difficult situation that lots of people are facing right now. Just being at home in an unusual life situation adds plenty of stress even if you are lucky enough to escape the virus.
The steps we should take to stay in a positive, calm mood:
Think positively. Remember that the pandemic will surely go down soon, and everything will go back to its normal state. Not at once but it surely will happen.
Find the bright sides of the situation, avoid dark ones. You would probably never find so much time for yourself and your family, had not it been for the quarantine and self-isolation. You have wonderful opportunities for self-development, for rest, for thinking, for spending time with your loved ones.
The situation in the world will not turn for the better if we are spending our time worrying and searching the Internet for the new statistical rates of the coronavirus. But if we turn our face to the sun, if we are beaming with happiness, kindness and support, we can help and even much more than we think.
No borders, no limitations can stop Shakuntali Siberia and her followers from helping people with the healing power of prayer. She conducts webinars, online seminars and constantly replying to your letters. Join our “Field of Love” project, and you will have much returning back on you.   

Find the strength in these turbulent times

Are you constantly worrying about the health and life of your family and yourself?
Does the coronavirus’ news occupy your mind for the whole day?
Are you afraid of your future?
Everything that brought you the joy and happiness before, gives none of it by now?
Shakuntali Siberia wants to help everybody in such a situation of turbulence.
Get the energy from Shakuntali Siberia magic rituals and energy practices, and once you have it – you can send it to other people. Coronavirus’ main threat is splitting people, and we must resist it as much as we can. Visit Shakuntali’s website for a schedule of events, join, and you can save our future.

What Puts a Serviced Apartment in the Luxury Accommodation Bracket?

Sometimes when you search for serviced apartments, prices can be similar in different places, with one option falling into the luxury accommodation bracket while the other might just be regular self-catering accommodation. What distinguishes luxury accommodation from any other serviced apartment available for rent?

Exclusively listed as a luxury serviced apartment

In most cases, it really is just a matter of listing an apartment for long-term or short-term rent as being a luxury option to push it into the luxury accommodation bracket, but guests still have to be able to see and feel the luxury the paying for.

Location of the apartment building

Some of the best luxury serviced apartments are situated in traditionally unassuming locations, but the location still plays a major role in pushing any serviced apartment into the luxury accommodation bracket.

A traditional Victorian villa located in Clifton, Bristol, converted into a serviced apartment building looks no different on the outside, for instance, but given its location, it can be safely assumed that the apartments on offer are more for the luxury accommodation market.

Exterior decor and styling

The exterior decor and styling almost inherently come with the location of the apartment building, because there are standards to uphold in specific neighborhoods. If for instance the apartment building is located on some kind of high street, that almost automatically pushes it into the luxury accommodation bracket, and its outward appearance has to match that standard.

Interior decor and styling

Luxury self-catering apartments often have some great distinction in their interior styling as well, with the most refined of these buildings priding themselves in a back-story that goes with each individual unit. Often the styling is individualised as well so that you get a different experience each time you stay in a different unit at the same property.

The price

The price factor as can be associated with the luxury element of a serviced apartment perhaps goes without saying, but it’s not a simple matter of the higher the rates, the more luxurious the apartment is.

The highest-priced option at a serviced apartment building in the heart of London might be priced the same as a standard or deluxe apartment in Clifton, Bristol, but that doesn’t mean it matches the one in Clifton in luxury. Distinctions are often made for family accommodation, student accommodation, studio suites, etc, but that’s not all which goes into the pricing and so pricing alone isn’t a direct indicator of the luxuriousness of the serviced apartment.

Distinctive luxury amenities

We made mention of a similarly priced serviced apartment located in London to one perhaps located in a distinctively upmarket area such as Clifton, Bristol, but in addition to that contributing to the induction of a serviced apartment into the luxury bracket, there are also some very distinctive luxury amenities.

Something as simple as Egyptian cotton sheets makes for one such distinction and together with the other such amenities on offer, the whole experience becomes a luxurious one you’d be happy to pay the requisite premium for.

Writing Style – What Makes Your Writing Flow Or Not?

In writing, style is how a writer tells and writes a story. that readers hear when they read it. There are many different factors that go into a writer’s style, including word selection, tone, grammar, structure, and others.

When trying to decide on your style, consider the different elements of style. First, you must decide whether you want a casual, conversational style or one with formal style. You may also decide on the use of pronouns and verbs in your stories. Next, you should think about your background and your experience in writing. Do you know where you got your ideas, and do you know how to use those ideas to write the best work?

You also need to decide on the level of detail or realism you need in your story. How detailed do you want your characters to be? Do you need to use complex language, or is a simple narrative enough? Do you know the rules of good writing, or do you want to use your own?

Your writing should be able to communicate to the reader in an understandable manner. If the story isn’t clear and flows well, your readers won’t enjoy reading it and will likely abandon the book. In fact, many readers will just skim over it. Make sure that your style of writing communicates effectively to your readers, and doesn’t lose focus on the main point. You should never let yourself get sidetracked with other topics that aren’t relevant to the story you’re telling.

Your story also needs to flow smoothly from beginning to end. This can be a challenge for a writer, since the entire novel is involved at one time. However, when you’re writing a short story, you must concentrate on the character and the story and keep it moving along. If you keep it too linear, your reader will lose interest quickly.

Another aspect of style to consider is the level of complexity of the information. Too many characters in a story can make it hard to keep track of all of them at once. If you can’t tell who is who in your novel, or story, it might not feel like the story is complete. Make sure the characters flow with the storyline, not against it. if you want to avoid having to re-read the same scenes over again.

Writing is a process. One good way to keep your style consistent is to write about the same things over in your stories. You don’t have to write about the same people over. However, you should always have some sort of thread throughout your work to bring everything together.

Don’t make the story sound like it’s trying to sell you something. Keep the story interesting and captivating. A good rule of thumb is to always have a conflict between the protagonist and antagonist. This keeps your readers interested.

Your writing should always flow from one paragraph to the next. Don’t forget to pause the narrative after the main events have occurred. Sometimes we can get stuck in a loop and end up repeating the same scenes over. Having your readers interested allows you to move on with your story and not be bogged down by the same events.

Finally, the best thing to remember about writing style is that it is something that you are going to develop as your writing skills improve. and as you become more experienced with writing.

The best way to stay consistent in your writing style is to take notes during the writing process. While you may be writing your novel, take down notes about the things that didn’t flow well. and make sure to go back and correct them before you turn your book in.

What exactly can you change on a custom paper bag for your marketing?

The physical manifestations of your brand are often one of the most powerful tools when it comes to developing good brand awareness for your business. Whilst this is true many make the mistake of investing in a lot of promotional items for trade fairs that are often thrown away as quickly as they are acquired by potential customers.

The same is not true for custom paper bags. If you are a retailer of any kind with a physical store, then custom paper bags are a great way to get your promotional items to customers through a product that they can reuse in the future. This is why you need to take advantage of your bagging system, by offering custom paper bags to customers rather than your run of the mill wholesale ones. But what exactly are the different changes you can make on a custom paper bag?

  1. You have control over the logo and branding on the bag

Getting your branding on a custom paper bag will help you stand out from the competition. Adding the logo to your bag will help strengthen your brand and increase the chances of your branding getting out there. Whilst this is a great marketing opportunity, you need to make sure the design is professional and fits in with the overall style of the bag. Do not make the design too big or too small as this could detract from the promotional objective.

  • You can change the style and colour of the handle

In addition to the creative control you have over the logo design on the custom paper bag, you can also change the handle to meet your marketing objectives. Whilst wholesale products will often offer only one type of handle, custom paper bags allow you to create handles from different materials with a wide range of colour options to match the aesthetic of the rest of the bag. Just make sure to pick a material and colour that will complement your logo whilst also offering good functionality.

  • You can develop promotional copy for the exterior of the bag

Copywriting is a key skill in many areas of marketing and one possible area where you may be able to get ahead of the competition is with the copy on a custom paper bag. Carefully chosen words could be used to convey a promotional message on a new sale season or a playful tagline that works with the overall branding of the business. Make sure you are economical with your words as the potential real estate for the copy on a custom paper bag is much smaller than in other online and offline mediums.

Make sure every custom change has been made for a marketing purpose

So, there you have it. Hopefully, we have enlightened you on some of the different options you have when it comes to customising paper bags. However, you need to avoid the common pitfall of change for change’s sake. Make sure all the features of the custom paper bag have been added to serve a particular marketing purpose. This will make investing in them worthwhile for your business in the future.

5 Common Air-Conditioning Unit Problems and Their Fixes

As the summer quickly approaches, your air-conditioning unit is likely to become your new favorite appliance. Like with any appliance, it’s your responsibility to be mindful of your AC’s wellbeing and to make sure it’s able to continue to live a happy and healthy life. Even the best care can only go so far, though, and with the hottest months of the year ahead, you can be sure to expect some additional strain. As your resident air-conditioning doctors, we’re ready and able to diagnose and treat any maladies your unit might deal with. Here are a few common air-conditioning unit problems and how we can fix them.

Thermostat Misreading the Room

There is a common fear among many homeowners: fear of the thermostat. While many new smart thermostats are designed to be as easy to use as possible, many older units can be frustrating to operate. Due to this, what may seem like serious air-conditioning unit problems can just come down to a few tweaked settings or improper readings.

First, check to see if your thermostat is in direct sunlight. The extra heat may cause it to misjudge the temperature of the room, making the air conditioner work harder than necessary. Second, make sure the thermostat and any additional temperature registers are properly clear and clean. If they’re covered in dust or blocked by furniture, they may not be able to properly assess the room.

If you’re sure there are no external factors interfering with the readings but something still seems off, it may be time to consult the operator’s manual. It may not be the most exciting piece of literature, but it will help you determine if your thermostat is correctly programmed and calibrated to manage the temperature in your home.

Clogged Airflow from a Filthy Filter

Since your air conditioner is constantly taking air in, there is always a danger of dust and other particulate matter getting into the unit and damaging it. In order to continue functioning properly, your air conditioner employs a heavy-duty air filter. This filter is essential to the operation of the unit, providing a first line of defense against external contaminants.

Despite this, a filter itself can frequently be the cause of air-conditioning unit problems. Eventually, the filter will catch so much material that it actually prevents proper airflow through the unit. With a clogged filter, your fans will need to work harder to pull air through the system, your condenser coils are at risk of freezing over, and water may even build up and leak out into your home. All of this can cause undue strain and damage, costing you more money down the line.

Luckily, air filters are designed to be removed and replaced. If your filter is at the end of its life span, all you need to do is take it out and pop in a new one.

Outside Heat Leaking Inside

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a comfortable climate on a hot day, and one of the most common air-conditioning unit problems we see is outdoor heat sneaking in. Like with your thermostat, be sure that you’re keeping direct sunlight out of your home if at all possible. Even with the windows shut, that hot midday sun can quickly heat up a room. Shutting the blinds or curtains can be surprisingly effective at mitigating outdoor heat, but that’s only when sunlight is the problem.

If you have a break or leak in your actual ventilation system, you have a much bigger problem on your hands. Not only will your cool air be escaping out into the walls or out of the house, but warm air may get into the ventilation. If you think there might be a leak in your ventilation, you need the help of a professional to assess the situation and patch it up.

Low Refrigerant Reducing Cooling

At the heart of your air-conditioning unit lies the evaporator coils, working hard to chill all the air that passes through them. These coils utilize refrigerant to both cool air and remove humidity, allowing the unit to do its job. If your system is operating with a low level of refrigerant, you have a serious air-conditioning unit problem. While it might seem like the solution is just to add more refrigerant, the situation is much more complicated than that.

If your refrigerant is low, you’re most likely also dealing with a leak along the refrigerant line. Even if you try to just top it off, you’ll keep losing refrigerant until the leak is fixed. In addition to that, refrigerant is a harmful chemical compound and should not be handled by anyone without the right training and experience. In that situation, you’ll need the help of a professional HVAC technician. They will be able to find and seal any leaks in the line, as well as safely refill the refrigerant.

Mechanical Malfunction in the Unit Itself

Your air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery, with many moving parts all working in unison to provide your home with cool, refreshing air. With that degree of complication, it’s almost inevitable that something will eventually go wrong. If you’ve checked all the external factors but are still dealing with undetermined air-conditioning unit problems, it may come down to one of the components giving out.

Should you need unit repairs, the team at Entek is more than happy to help. Our trained HVAC technicians are well-equipped to assess and repair your unit, allowing you to get your air conditioning up and running again in no time.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly if and when a part in your air conditioner might break, it’s possible to prevent the problem in the first place. If you want to avoid any surprise repairs in the future, we highly recommend planning and scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance. The vast majority of problems you might run into can be easily prevented with regular inspections and tune-ups, allowing you to enjoy your indoor climate uninterrupted. So whether or not you’re dealing with air conditioning unit problems right now, feel free to get in touch.