Tips For Going Clubbing Sober

Going out to clubs at night is something that most people associate with drinking.  For people that have been going out for years, it can seem impossible to even imagine going out to a club without drinking alcohol and letting loose.

Perhaps drinking has started to lead you to some destructive patterns.  Maybe you just want to get healthier.  Maybe you’ve gone to rehab and need to get out of your old cycles.  Whatever your reason is for wanting to eliminate alcohol from your life, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop going out and enjoying nightlife because of it.  Plenty of people still go out and have perfectly fun evenings with no alcohol at all.  Here is how they do it.

Always Have An Alcohol-Free Drink In Hand

Sober people will often tell you that one of the best ways to go out clubbing with everyone else around you drinking is to always have a drink in your hand.  Make sure that it looks like it could be a cocktail.  This way no one will pressure you to have a drink if your hand is empty.

People who are drinking tend to feel uncomfortable if other people around them are not.  They can feel sloppy or vulnerable, so it is not uncommon for them to try to pressure others into joining the bandwagon. Eliminate this risk altogether by simply making it look like you are drinking like everyone else.


If you start to feel the urge to drink or start to feel socially uncomfortable, one of the best things you can do is go on the dancefloor and start to dance it out.

The rush of adrenaline and good vibes will carry you through your craving.

Study The People Around You

If you start to find yourself missing alcohol and wish you could be drinking too, start studying the people around you in the club.  Observe how they are acting.  If they are acting uncoordinated and out of sorts, ask yourself if maybe you look like this when you are drinking.

Ask yourself if they look in control of their actions or out of control.  The drunker everyone starts to act around you the more relieved you start to feel that you are not drinking.

Enjoy The Lack of Hangover

Once your night is over and you go home and sleep, wake up the next morning and enjoy the luxury of not having a dry mouth, pounding head, and a totally shriveled stomach.  Once you start to enjoy the feeling of not having a hangover vs having a hangover you will miss alcohol less and less and will be something that is but a distant memory.

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