James Blunt: Still the Best

The name, James Blunt, automatically pops two songs’ titles in our heads and these are: “You’re beautiful” and “Goodbye my Lover”. Back in 2004, these two songs from Blunt’s album- Back to Bedlam, brought fame to the singing star. Until now, he is still famous and known for the numerous singles and albums he has released. Lately, James Blunt has released a new album called Afterlove, and the best song of the album is “Love me Better”.

This new song is so captivating that even Luke has been heard humming at Lucky Pants Bingo. Few days back Luke was ironing his shirt and he just started singing, “would have said you’re beautiful but I used that line before…” but he instantly stopped when he saw Betty standing at the kitchen’s door and looking at him. Luke felt quite shy, and Betty was quite dazzled as she always thought that Luke hated new music, and always loved only 80s song. An awkward moment of silence was felt and both Betty and Luke went back to what they were doing. The Bingo couple, who are the mascots of Lucky Pants Bingo always have this kind of cheeky moments! You can see more of them while you play bingo online at Lucky Pants Bingo. They always pop into the Bingo rooms with freebies and surprises… they might have something for you as well!

But it is no surprise that Luke appreciates James Blunt, as he is still one of the best vocalist today. This British song-writer and singer sold over 11 million copies of his first album worldwide in 2004. His first album was certified 10x platinum, and still is the 16th best-selling album in UK’s Chart History.

He also topped the UK Albums Chart, and was the 2nd most listened artist in USA. As for his hit song “You’re Beautiful”, it ranked 1st in UK and many other countries. James Blunt also possesses two Brit Awards, two Ivor Novello Awards and Two MTV Video Music Awards. Having won the best male singer in 2006, Blunt was also nominated for the Grammys five times. In 2016, the prominent singer made the headlines again as he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for Music by the University of Bristol.

After his successful first album, Blunt releases All lost souls in 2007-2008, Some kind of trouble in 2010- 2013 and Moon Landing in 2013-2017. The artist always releases an album, and then releases some other singles to add on few months or years later. All his albums did well on the chart table, and he still performs at live shows and concerts.

However, before sharing his words through his voice with all, James Blunt served in the military for six years to pursue his career in music. He was given his first chance to record by Linda Perry who is an American musician. Linda became interested to work with James after listening to his promotional tape while she was touring in London.

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