Guilty Pleasures: Cool Things Moms Do to Chill Out When the Kids Aren’t Looking

When the kids are away, some moms simply curl up with a good book or take a nap. If you’d prefer to spend your chill time doing something other than catching up on sleep, you’ll want to know more about the cool things other mommies do when the kids aren’t looking. Here is a selection of our favorites.

Guilty pleasures 

Some moms munch on their kid’s sugary breakfast cereal after they leave for school in the morning. Some pick their noses with impunity. Some turn on the television and binge-watch shows they’d never let anyone know that they enjoy. Still others install a power adapter in their car and get gussied up in parking lots. While these little pleasures aren’t exactly world shaking events, they are things that most mommies never indulge in when their children are watching.

When there’s a hunk mowing the next door lawn, some moms make any excuse to spend time in front of their own house. Getting a little ‘eye candy’ is a harmless pastime and may improve any mother’s afternoon. A little less harmless is the guilty pleasure of hiding chocolate, cookies and other special treats from the kids and sampling them when the children are at school or on a play date, say parenting pros at Everyday Family magazine. On a similar note, some mothers set a house rule of no eating after dinner, but sneak a surreptitious midnight snack for themselves.

When the little ones are asleep 

Most mommies sneak a few kisses onto the foreheads of their snoozing kids. After that, some mommies like to soak in a lavender-scented bubble bath while sipping champagne. Sometimes, mom tells her kids that everyone takes an afternoon nap, but as soon as the children start to doze, she enjoys the “me” time to peruse tacky tabloids and do other things she’d never do if the kids were watching.

Musical and artistic indulgences

Some moms constantly tell their teenagers to turn the music down, then secretly crank the car stereo to eleven when the adolescents aren’t looking, says P&G Everyday. Some dress up in their vintage 80’s outfits and play air guitar in front of a hallway mirror. Some mothers grab a sketchbook and head to the local nature preserve while the kids are spending the day being educated.

Art is a pastime pleasure appreciated by many moms. If you want to create a magnificent mandala but you don’t have a private art studio in which to do so, download a coloring app from Apalon Apps for Android. With dozens of colors and even more illustrations to work with, Coloring Book for Me & Mandala is the ideal app for moms with a bit of free time on their hands.

The nice thing about little guilty pleasures is you don’t really have to feel guilty about them. Moms who find time to relax and do things they enjoy tend to be better parents in the long run.

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